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Private Singing Lessons

Private Singing Lessons 1-on-1 voice lessons are based on our proven methods and focused on your natural strengths and areas for improvement. Lessons are customized to each individual singer’s voice and their singing goals.

All voice lessons start with a yoga-type of stretch, breathing exercises and vocal warm-ups using piano. Next, we cover basic vocal technique including breath control, pitch, range and beyond. Then you will sing songs of your choice accompanied by instrumental track or live piano as we find the best key for your voice while helping you select and learn repertoire.

We will guide you through song selection and interpretation, vocal phrasing ,and song performance . Our intention is to open and expand your voice so ultimately you will sing with more emotion and conviction.

CALL 212-532-0741 to schedule a private lesson or SEND A MESSAGE to discuss a plan for you to reach and surpass your goals.

Private 1-on-1 Singing Lessons We Offer:

Private Duet   Singing Lessons


Private (In-Person) Singing Lessons (60-mins)

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5-pack (In-Person) Singing Lessons (60-mins)

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10-pack (In-Person) Singing Lessons (60-mins)

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For online singing lessons go to Online Singing Lessons.

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