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A growing body of evidence supports the positive effects music and singing can have on the brain including enhancing creativity, increasing worker productivity and improving creative problem solving skills. Voice Academy NYC can customize a class which can be held on your company’s premises, an outside location or at our studios in Midtown West.

PERSONAL BENEFITS: Singing Releases Endorphins – A positive charge for your Brain!

  • psychologically beneficial for motivation and self-image
  • causes peak experiences including tears, joy, laughter, jubilation
  • decreases anxiety and stress
  • reverses negative emotions
  • boosts energy levels

WORKPLACE BENEFITS: Increases Productivity – Happy workers work better!

  • promotes teamwork
  • builds confidence
  • helps overcome shyness and fear of public speaking
  • develops speaking and singing voice
  • experiencing emotion with others

The Science within

  • Oxytocin is released in singing and found to alleviate anxiety and stress and enhance feelings of trust and bonding (Time Mag)
  • Music experiences increase positivity, alertness and focus on the present  (DeNora, 2001; Hargreaves/North, 1999) (Sloboda/O’Neill 2001)
  • Mild positive feelings can influence the way cognitive material is organized, thus influencing creativity   (Ashby et al., 1999; Estrada et al., 1997; Isen,1999; Schellenberg, 2001; Thaut, 1989)
  • Positive mood leads to better creative problem solving (Isen et al., 1987).
  • Enjoyable stimuli induce positive effects and leads  to  moderate  improvements in task performance.   (Thompson et al., 2001)

Our experienced staff is available to teach on location, at an alternate site depending on what is convenient for your company.  

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