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Secrets of Singing – Group Class (In-Person)

(location: 520 8th ave between 36th & 37th st)

5-week course | In-Person | (Max: 12 students)

Want to join a quick boot camp of singing and learn all the basics from a pro but with other beginners or students that are brushing up their skills? This class is great for those wanting to improve your voice using our tried and tested methods for arming you with the techniques the biggest singers practice daily!

We will sing different styles of songs with the group as well as each student can choose a solo song that they want to wok on as we do  individual instruction as well. Students will have fun while learning to breathe properly, how to use your full range, and the secrets of rhythm, dynamics and singing with emotion and conviction. We will do vocal and breathing exercises, followed by the topic of the day and then into the live singing. Students will sing together as a group, duets and solo. Each course is designed to students singing level and experience.

Class is held in person at Ripley Grier Studios in a positive and creative environment. Start your journey today!

Open Level: Wednesdays 7pm-8pm at 520 8th ave

Advanced Level: Wednesdays 6pm-7pm at 520 8th ave

Wednesdays|Dates: May 29, Jun 5,12, 19 and 26th .|Teen and Adults| Open Level|Vocal coach Melanie|

Melanie Scholtz is a South African-born, Multi Award-winning jazz singer, and composer. Melanie has released five successful solo albums and has been a featured artist and guest songwriter on many albums nationally and internationally. She has been a professional musician for over 20 years and has performed all over the world including in her native country, South Africa, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, Poland, and the United States.


Secrets of Singing & Songwriting!

Secrets of Songwriting
Location: 520 8th (ave between 36th and 37th st) at Ripley Grier Studios.
4 week course - In Person - Max 8 students

Student will be introduced to the fundamentals of Singing and Songwriting.

You will learn proper breath support and voice technique and sing cover songs as a group and some solo.

You will learn how to improvise and learn how to write a hook or make up a melody to piano chords, free your mind and take your singing to the next level!

Learn about your voice, how to take a cover song and make it your own, learn the basics of songwriting, song structure and chord progressions.

Classes are held in person at Ripley Grier Studios in a positive and creative environment. Start your creative journey today!


Classes are held in person at Ripley Grier Studios in a positive and creative environment. Start your creative journey today!

Open Level: Saturdays:  1pm-2pm at 520 8th ave

Saturday's at 1pm-2pm | Adults/Teens|
Saturday's at 1pm-2pm | Adults/Teens | Open Level |May 18,25, June 1, 8 (skip15th) and 22nd.

K.C. Raniero is a Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter, and pianist.K.C. got her start in musical theater and is a classically trained singer. However, she always gravitated more heavily toward rock and pop music and her musical influences are Taylor Swift and Paramore and more. K.C. has written over 100 of songs and performs regularly around NYC as a singer/songwriter.


4 week Solo Singing Group class (online)

Solo singing course
Online lessons - class repeats every 4 weeks
4 week course - Online - Max 4 students
Tuesdays: 6pm-7pm Dates: May 14, 21, 28 and June 4th

4-week mini course where students build a foundation centered on our proven vocal techniques. Students will learn to sing with proper technique and individual instruction will be given. Songs are performed in class with backing tracks and each class begins with breathing and vocal warm-ups and scales on piano. Please pick a song before class starts! Class is great for all levels and customized to fit students needs and goals! Class can be renewed after the cycle

Open Level: Age: Teen/Adults-Tuesdays 6pm-7pm – Online (zoom)

Student pick what song they want to work on and we will work on proper breath support, pitch and rhythm, expand your vocal range and how to sing with emotions and find your unique voice!



Katarina Nolfe  is a singer/songwriter and founder of Voice Academy NYC. Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden Katarina started singing at 8 years , relocated to NYC in her 20’s and studied voice technique, song performance and music theory at New School University, and has worked as a singer, songwriter and vocal coach for the better part of the last two decades. You can listen to her on Spotfiy



All Vocal Group courses are taught at:

520 8th ave  New York, NY 10018

Everyone can improve their singing voices so come find out why so many people have trusted Voice Academy NYC to reach and surpass their goals!

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