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Our private 1-on-1 voice lessons are focused on finding and developing your natural tone, building upon your strengths and identifying areas for improvement. We have a successful track record coaching  beginners to advanced, prepping for auditions, recording sessions and live performances in musical genres such as pop, rock, R&B, country & musical theater among others.

Our intention is to open and expand your voice so you sing with more emotion and dynamics and to help you identify, achieve and surpass your goals! Students can also take guitar, piano and songwriting lessons and studio recording is available.

All lessons start with a yoga-type of stretch, breathing exercises and vocal warm-ups using piano.  You will develop an awareness of your singing system as we demonstrate basic vocal technique including breath control, pitch, range and beyond.

Lessons include help with song selection, finding the best key, song interpretation, proper diction and live microphone performance training.  Students choose their own songs and are accompanied by instrumental track, live guitar or piano as we find the best key for your voice.

What are you waiting for? Start your vocal journey today 🙂

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Private 1-on-1 Lesson (60-mins) on Voice, Guitar, Piano, or Songwriting
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90-min Private Combo Vocal/Piano or Guitar Lesson (click for more info/purchase)

30-min Private Evaluation lesson (click for more info/purchase)

1-hour Skype or Facetime Lesson (click for more info/purchase)

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