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How much are voice lessons in NYC?

Singing lessons price ranges are from $40-$60 for a 30 minute voice lesson in most areas, however a professional vocal coach with a Broadway reputation may charge  from $100-$200 or more an hour, for their expert services.

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What is the difference between a voice teacher and a vocal coach?

A vocal coach works on the students song performance, whereas voice teachers focus on the students overall vocal techniques and health of the voice itself. 

These techniques include vocal range, breath.breathing control, understanding the difference between chest/head voice, pitch, the accuracy of your vocal range, and many more professional techniques to help you cross the line as a pro.

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Who is the best vocal coach?

The best vocal coaches and singing teachers are the ones with decades of international experience and a deep understanding of all singing styles and techniques.  Check out our vocal coaches. Voice Academy NYC and our staff of singing teachers, fully understand the needs and requirements of any person wanting or wishing to sing like the pro’s. Our services are also for professional singers looking to exercise and stretch their vocal range, because it’s the same principal of regularly servicing your car! the human voice is no different

Where can I sing in NYC?

Voice Academy NYC is conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan and we offer Private 1 on 1 Lessons, Group Classes, Custom Workshops, Onsite Corporate singing lessons at your place of work, and Vocal Performance Coaching from Beginner to Professional level for kids, teens and adults.

What do you do in vocal lessons?

Our Professional vocal coaches and singing teachers will show you how to breathe properly, and that empowers students, be they professional, intermediate or beginner, with the extra ability to sing with natural power, and resonance. We will teach you how to sing longer vocal phrases to improve your overall intonation.

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What is the average cost for voice lessons?

singing classes and voice lesson single class pricing ranges from …  30-minute $40 to as much as $75

Voice Academy NYC has an excellent professional staff of expert vocal coaches and singing teachers who will ensure all students learn the proper singing techniques. Make a Booking

How can I improve my singing voice?

Great posture is a must if you want to be a professional singer, work on your centre stomach muscles [diaphragm], we remind you always to stand up straight, shoulders pulled back, neck in the right position etc… all of these things ensures students are vocalizing correctly, and to keep your vocal chords warm, we suggest singing for at least 30 mins per day. OUR PRIVATE LESSONS


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Can anyone sing if they get lessons?

Anyone can learn how to sing! and we mean anyone, we teach you how to use the voice and treat it as the instrument that it actually is.

If your confidence is low we bring it up, if your already confident, then we will push your singing voice to be even greater. Get in Touch it’s Free 2 Talk… VA NYC 2020


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