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Do you want something more than conventional voice lessons?

Accelerate your vocal training and learn the art of studio recording!

Academy Prime Pack (New for 2018)

is our new fast track program where we help you choose or write a song, develop and coach your vocals and then professionally record the song all in a single package.  Each Academy Prime Pack is designed around 1 song.  This is a great package for those aspiring to learn the art of singing and making records or repeat this package to complete a multi-song demo, EP or Album.

Give your vocals a boost, write or select 1 song, learn it, rehearse it, then record it!  

Each Academy Prime Pack includes:

Lesson #1: Vocal Technique (Private, 90-minutes)

Lesson #2: Songwriting (if you have original material) or Song/Key Selection (Private, 90-minutes)

Lesson #3: Performance with Live Mic (Private, 90-minutes)

Lesson #4: Rehearsal/Vocal Coaching (Private, 90-minutes)

Lesson #5: Studio Recording Session (Private, 90-minutes)

Vocal editing and mixing is also included.

So take action today and become the recording artist you know you can be!

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We have taught international students from Australia, Brazil, Canada, The Caribbean, Columbia, China, England, France, Ghana, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea (K-pop), New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, Spain, The Philippines, Thailand, UK and many more countries.


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