SECRETS OF SINGING – 5-week Course [Adults/Teens] MONDAYS 7:00pm


5-week course consisting of 60-minute group lessons (max students=8)

Mondays: (7:00-8:00pm) next course: May 7, 14, 21, 28 and June 4

The class consists of vocal warm-ups with piano, singing songs with group and sometimes solo. Each week a different topic is covered while teaching students basic vocal technique via proper breathing, projection, tone etc. Students gain confidence singing with others to live guitar and track accompaniment. Songs are: Pop/Rock/R&B/Soul/Musical Theater etc.

Week #  –  Topic

1 – Your Singing System /Breath Control

2 – Chest Voice/Head Voice/Mixed Voice

3 – Rhythm/Vocal Phrasing /Pitch Control

4 – Singing with Dynamics/ Emotions

5 – Sing live on mic (your song choice) /Mic Technique / Performance Anxiety

Location: Manhattan – at Ripley Grier Studios – newest space at 305 W 38th st (just west of 8th ave) or at 520 8th ave (36/37th st).

Course Teacher: Kat